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We are capable of making any surface in your home into a light fixture, you can hire us to make art for your home, or to just to make your lighting more personal.

Amy’s Kitchen

This video features some under cabinet lighting done for a high end kitchen renovation in New York City’s upper east side. The client wanted the lighting to be extremely bright for task lighting but capable of mood lighting as well. The solution we came up with was to have 3 separate LED strips of warm white, cool white and RGB. There is a switch mounted on the wall with 5 PWM dimmers to run each color. The switch acts as a master so they can leave it in a look and turn it on and off.

Glass Block Wall

This stairway banister was built with recovered glass blocks and internal LED illumination. The large blocks are on a separate circuit from the small ones. They are both doing a slow color fade in this video that is offset a little so they are out of sync with each other.

Deno’s Room

This cove lighting is in a bedroom with cathedral ceilings. The client wanted to be able to turn on the “disco mood lighting”. Each of the three walls is on a separate circuit and it is all run from a handy little IR remote control.

Susie’s Back Yard

Shown here is outdoor summer season party lighting done for a residential customer.