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  • Pentapods

    The pentapods were designed for the band Portugal. The Man. They are being featured in their 2011 and their 2012 tours. View them here!

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  • Iglumicubes

    The Iglumicubes project was designed for DJ Star Slinger. The cubes are each 2' x 2' and they fold up flat for transport. Each cube weighs approximately 25 pounds. The color coding on the edges is for ease of assembly. They use 60 channels of DMX for control. Each side is a separate RGB circuit and individually controllable. The cubes all store and transport in a case; the power supply is mounted in a 4 ...

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  • Awolnation

    This was a sign made for the band Awolnation. It is comprised of eight RGB nodes, thus controlled by a total of 24 DMX channels. It has been in regular use since their Summer 2011 tour. It is designed to break down into a custom fitted road case allowing for easy transport.  

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  • Circa Survive

    The Iglumigrid project was designed and built for the band Circa Survive. Each of the 5 grid panels consists of 32 RGB pixels that are each 1 foot square for a total of 160 pixels. They are framed by angled mirrors that make the image look larger and somewhat kaleidoscopic. The entire array is controlled via DMX and run by a MagicQ system on a touchscreen Windows computer and a MagicQ PC wing.      

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  • Vezts

    These light up vests were commissioned in 2010 for the Swedish techno band Miike Snow. Each vest has 2 circuits of RGB interlaced for an odd-even pattern. They are fitted to the band member's measurements; each vest has embroidered name tags.

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