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  • Wiz Khalifa Mic Stand

    We built this mic stand for rapper Wiz Khalifa. It uses 30 DMX channels to control 10 RGB segments. It is custom built at a fixed height to the artist's preference. It has a standard 5/8 inch thread for a microphone clip. It lifts off of its base so he can wield it like a light saber.

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  • Pentapods

    The pentapods were designed for the band Portugal. The Man. They are being featured in their 2011 and their 2012 tours. View them here!

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  • Circa Survive

    The Iglumigrid project was designed and built for the band Circa Survive. Each of the 5 grid panels consists of 32 RGB pixels that are each 1 foot square for a total of 160 pixels. They are framed by angled mirrors that make the image look larger and somewhat kaleidoscopic. The entire array is controlled via DMX and run by a MagicQ system on a touchscreen Windows computer and a MagicQ PC wing. http://youtu.be/y600153yNyU http://youtu.be/RMqkIO4pHPQ http://youtu.be/oeorVF1QXaQ      

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  • The Maine

    We built this sign in May 2013 for the Arizona based band "The Maine".  It is a 5 foot diameter representation of their logo.  The piece breaks apart into two pieces for easy transport and all components fit nicely into a custom road case.  It can be hung from above or on a floor stand and and it is controlled by 4 individual circuits of RGB - two for the "M" and two for the ...

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