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About Us

We are based near NYC and have over 20 years experience in entertainment lighting design. It is exciting to be given the opportunity to apply our talents to a broader spectrum. Advancements in technology have enabled us to bring the essence of theatrical lighting into previously unexplored avenues. LEDs make it possible to incorporate elements of color, function, and efficiency into the home and workplace.

LEDs are the future of all lighting as they are inexpensive,efficient, and long lasting. These lights are the most environmentally friendly and have the lowest carbon footprint of any light source available today. Manufacturing and reclamation of LEDs produces far less toxic by-products than compact fluorescents. LEDs eliminate negative aspects of other lighting such as excessive heat, buzzing, and damaging UV.

Low voltage LED systems can be installed or retrofitted in any location. They are equally effective in a work shop, warehouse, office or home theater. We offer indoor and outdoor fixtures, landscape and underwater lighting, illuminated fine art sculptures and all types of architectural lighting. Our unique flexible LED strip allows us to turn virtually any surface into a light fixture. In addition, we can recommend LED replacement bulbs which are available for most existing fixtures. These replacement bulbs work with any specified voltage, alternating or direct current. Choice of color temperature and dimmable options are available. Our RGB system utilizes mixing of 3 primary colors to allow for up to 16.7 million different color combinations. Options for control systems range from the simplest hand held remote control to computer automated programs that can run your entire installation.

Our greatest commitment after our clients is to the environment. We feel that we can offer our customers beauty, energy savings, and affordability without compromise. Contact us today for a consultation to make your vision come to light.